Infrabaldan 3.0- Near Infrared Therapy

Near Infrared Well-Being Benefits

Near Infrared Therapy, already hugely successful in Italy and Switzerland, Infrabaldan 3.0 is a patented, scientifically proven system that delivers amazing results for weight-loss, health, and wellbeing. This innovative programme has been designed uniquely to combine the many benefits of Near Infrared light therapy with aerobic movement, resulting in an increase of the metabolism, weight loss, body toning, improved circulation, and many other long-term health and wellbeing benefits.


To maximize effectiveness, it is necessary to harmonise the action of infrared radiation with your heart beat. A sensor placed on the patient’s earlobe, InfraBaldan 3.0 detects your heartbeat and manages infrared lamps accordingly, switching them on and off. Studies have shown that after a course of sessions with Infrabaldan 3.0 you can see reduced cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar. Continuous physical movement during  your treatment with InfraBaldan 3.0, induced deep breathing and special infrared lamps, detoxify, purify and regenerate tissues, helping drain fluids, increasing vital energy and rediscovering wellness and energy.


More recently the Infrabaldan, Near Infrared light therapy treatment has been investigated and showcased by Dr Xand on Channel 4 ‘How to Lose Weight Well’.



  • Improved thyroid function
  • Liver regeneration
  • Improved hot flushes
  • Reduced inflammation on nerves and joints
  • Improved sleep
  • Depression/anxiety significantly improved
  • Accelerated skin repair, wound healing and pain
  • Significant weight loss
  • Promotes hair re-regrowth
  • Body sculpting
  • Joint & muscle pain
  • Menopause


Before you undergo your journey with Infrabaldan we will invite you to come in and have a full consultation to understand your individual needs, we will then tailor the treatment plan specifically to you. You will then be  synched up with a heart rate monitor, InfraBaldan 3.0 will detect your heartbeat and manage the infrared lamps accordingly, switching them on and off whilst you cycle gently for 40 minutes enjoying your favourite NETFLIX series. Continuous physical movement during  your treatment with InfraBaldan  will detoxify, purify and regenerate tissues, helping drain fluids, increasing vital energy and rediscovering wellness and energy.


2 weeks clients start to notice more energy, mood is calmer and energy levels start to improve

4 weeks bowels movements are more regular and more controlled

Periods have become regular

6 weeks sleep is improved

8 weeks menopausal clients…night sweats have improved and decreased

12 weeks and weight has started to reduce significantly and client is noticing that he is still consuming a similar number of calories however able to keep weight at bay.

Rosie Marcel

“What a marvellous machine! I had a short course of three on this blade runner-esque contraption and found the results wonderful. For someone who works very long hours and struggles with poor health I found the benefits of the infrared were well worth the forty mins of peddling away. For me the manifest was far more energy than I’ve had in a long time- a feeling of clear mindedness and clarity. To get out for a walk after a session was literally mind changing. I found that the positive energy really lightened what was originally a down day and gave me a feeling of being healthier for it. Mind and body.  The occasional visit will definitely be on my list of things to do.”

Rosie Marcel


How does the Infrabaldan 3.0 system work?

By combining targeted Near Infrared light to the body, with low intensity constant movement, Infrabaldan 3.0 has been scientifically proven to activate the metabolism, causing the body to break down fat cells where they accumulate the most. By stimulating and re-educating the metabolism, fat continues to burn for up to 24 hours a day allowing for long-lasting results. Using Near Infrared lamps to target specific problem areas of the body, with Infrabaldan 3.0 you can choose where to lose weight from, sculpting and toning your body shape effectively. Synchronised with your heart rate, Infrabaldan 3.0 is tailored to the individual user, working with you, no matter what your physical fitness may be.

What is Near Infrared?

Near Infrared is a natural, painless and non-invasive light therapy that penetrates deep down into the inner layers of your skin, through to your muscles, nerves and bones, stimulating cells and increasing blood circulation to promote a wide range of health benefits.